About Horsing Around Soap

I started Horsing Around Soap a few months after making my first batch of soap. It was not something I had planned, but a hobby turned passion. You might compare this to how quickly we fall head over heels in love with our horses, who win us over with their gentle soft eye and greet us with a sweet nicker.

I’m an equestrian, but I'm also an engineer.  I started riding as a child, competed in horse shows, actively participated in U.S. Pony Club and have owned horses for years.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved soap. I'll admit that I've stashed a few fragrant soap bars into linen drawers.  Have you ever stashed soap in a linen drawer?  I was fascinated with the soap-making process and vowed to myself that one day I must learn how to make soap.
As an equestrian, I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty.  If you hang around a barn, there's no avoiding it, right?  Being a horse owner is nearly synonymous with performing a lot of hand-washing.  That routine was taking a toll on my hands as well as my husband's hands, in the form of cracked and split fingers.  Cleaning tack also meant handling more harsh chemicals and that compounded the dry skin condition.  As an engineer, I needed to solve this problem, so it seemed the right time to learn how to create my own handmade soap.  And that soap had to be special, created in small batches and formed with quality ingredients. 

Everything changed in 2012 when I stirred up my first small batch of cold-process soap. Yeah, I made soap, from scratch.  I was hooked! I was drawn to the art and science of soap making. I recorded detailed notes about each batch. I learned from the unusable soap. I celebrated successes, studied ingredients and formulated recipes. Shortly thereafter Horsing Around Soap was born.

I not only created soap for my hands, but also a line of natural Castile saddle soap that would be kind to my skin and gentle to my saddle and tack.  

Over the years, I have donated bars of soap to various homeless and domestic-violence shelters and to the Ronald McDonald House.  Donating soap has become an integral part of Horsing Around Soap is about.  

I’ll always be an equestrian and an engineer.  But as a "maker", I am able to make a difference by offering quality products which lets you pamper yourself, your horses and your tack.  And as a bonus, we both get to “do good” at the same time.

Barn chores call. It's time to wash my hands again.

Thanks for coming along for the ride,


Horsing Around Soap, L.L.C.
Good.   Clean.  Smart.

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